Fees, Retainers, Engagement Terms

Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer, noted that a lawyer’s stock in trade is his time.  Our time is valuable.   So is our judgment, shaped as it is by a wealth of experience and learning.

Dunn Counsel PLC charges for its professionals’ time at their billing rates in effect from time to time.  Stephen J. Dunn, Esq., a leading authority on compliance with U.S. laws concerning foreign accounts, bills at $495 per hour for such matters, and $395 per hour for other matters.  Clients are also billed for out-of-pocket expenses, such as UPS delivery charges, incurred with respect to them.

New clients are required to pay a retainer.  We bill against the retainer.  Upon exhaustion of the retainer, we either require payment of an additional retainer, or simply bill the client for our time and expenses.  Our bills are payable upon issuance.  Unpaid bills accrue interest at 7 percent per annum.  Unpaid bills will cause termination of our services, and subject the former client to collection action.

Initial consultations.  There is a charge of one hour’s time for an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes.  This leaves time for preparation of a letter documenting the call. If the client tells us that they wish to retain us, we prepare and issue to them an engagement agreement–a letter agreement setting forth our understanding of the client’s facts and objectives, and our recommendations  for  the client.  The engagement agreement provides, among other things, that the firm’s services are subject to oversight by the Supreme Court of Michigan and, as appropriate, the Internal Revenue Service Office of Practice.

If you are unhappy with one of our bills, please let us know.  We seek to deliver value to clients.