Fees, Costs, and Retainers

For an initial consultation of up to 40 minutes we charge one hour of the lawyer’s time. This allows time to open a file, and to memorialize the consultation.

If the representation proceeds beyond the initial consultation, we draft an engagement agreement for the client to sign and return. We also ask the client to pay a retainer. We credit the retainer to the client’s account, and charge our first invoices in the matter against it. We email our retainer invoices and our monthly invoices to the client; the invoices include a link for payment by credit card.

We invoice clients for our professional time and our out-of-pocket costs incurred in their matter. Currently, Stephen Dunn’s hourly rate is $495 for international tax matters, and $395 for other matters. These rates are reasonable and competitive. Mr. Dunn spends no more time than necessary on clients’ various matters.

Out-of-pocket costs which we charge to a client include court filing, travel, and transcription costs which we incur for the client. We do not bill separately for electronic research services such as Thomson Reuters WestLaw or checkpoint, as these costs are built into our hourly rates.