Dunn Counsel PLC is looking for qualified attorneys and legal assistants to join our client service team. The firm’s areas of practice include representing taxpayers in complying with U.S. law concerning foreign assets; representing taxpayers in civil tax controversies and criminal tax investigations and prosecutions; representing taxpayers in civil asset forfeitures; representing taxpayers concerning federal or state tax collection action; and planning and administering individuals’ estates.

We are looking for professionals who (1) are honest in all matters, large or small; (2) have a passion to serve clients; (3) have sound professional judgment; (4) have strong written and spoken advocacy skills; and (5) have an accounting background.  Familiarity with at least one foreign language is helpful but not required.

Our worldwide practice offers outstanding opportunity for professional growth, as well as excellent compensation and benefits.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact:

Stephen J. Dunn, Esq.
900 Wilshire Drive, Suite 110
Troy, Michigan 48084
Tel.: (248) 643-8130
Fax: (248) 928-1295